4,100 Train Tickets are Illegal

Diposting oleh paguyubancirex Jumat, 24 Agustus 2012

As much as 4,100 train tickets are considered illegal due to bought from the brokers and passengers’ name on the ticket does not match with their ID Card (KTP). To prevent loss, candidate passengers are urged not to buy ticket from brokers.

“Candidate passengers must be more selective in buying ticket. This is because if the name on the ticket and ID card is different, the ticket is no longer valid,” stated Head of Public Relations for PT KAI Operational Region I (Daops), Mateta Rijalulhaq, Thursday (8/16).

With boarding pass system, the ticket owners must check and match the name on the ticket with their ID card when coming to the train station. “Before arriving at the station, the passengers are obligated to wait outside the platform,” stressed Rijalulhaq.

The implemented boarding pass system also makes the amount of passengers departed from Senen Station is relatively similar with the amount of passengers departed on previous day. This is because with boarding pass system, the amount of passengers will be the same with the amount of seats available.

Until 2 PM today, 4,883 passengers have been departed. Meanwhile, in the span of D-10 to D-4, the amount of passengers departed from Senen Station has reached 26,203 passengers.

There are 30 departures at Senen Station, with 20 regular trains and 10 additional trains. The first and last departure would be Tawang Jaya Train, which is an additional train heading to Semarang at 5.50 AM and 10 PM.